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NOTE: All 3 of these courses are inside Modern Mastery HQ. A community with live trainings, hundreds of online business resources, and personalized help via the Discord channel. Membership costs less than the price of this course. Join here to get them for $9 instead of $35 category on the membership platform.

The Beginner Bundle For Starting Your Online Business On The Right Foot

Learn the exact "pieces" you need to start a profitable low-risk business online as a creator, coach, freelancer, or digital product creator.

Are you a fit for this product? If you...

❓Have no idea how to start an online business and feel like you are missing out on massive opportunity

Have tried building a business in the past but couldn't get product / service sales to save your life

❓Have learned a valuable skill or mastered a topic like health, relationships, or self-improvement but don't know how to monetize it

Are tired of learning cold outreach and paid ads + want to build a digital asset that has customers come to you

❓Want to understand the REAL, long-term processes for building a business that allows you to live the life you want (more than enough money so you can free up time)

Who The Hell Are You?

What's up I'm Dan. I'll keep this quick.

As many of you know... I tried everything.

  • Dropshipping (twice)
  • SEO
  • Paid ads
  • Content marketing
  • Web develeopment
  • Multiple ecom brands
  • Digital art Instagram page

I couldn't make any of them work because I got caught up in "building" instead of selling. 

After accepting my demise and getting a job at a web design agency - I learned what it actually took to build a profitable business.

I ended up taking my web design / funnel business to 6 figures

Started growing a personal brand (now close to 90K followers across platforms)

Started my brand Modern Mastery alongside consulting.

I've hit $50K months, 1000 follower days, and other "big numbers"

I created this bundle to give you a non-overwhelming roadmap to what you should do (and focus on) when starting your online biz.

Introducing The Modern Money Bundle - Your 3 Step Plan:

I am here to make this as straightforward as possible for you.

In order to replace your income in record time - you need to follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Learn A High Paying and In-Demand Skill With The Websites That Work Course

I will teach you how to create websites and landing pages without learning to code.

You can build a website for your own business, or you can build websites for clients.

What You Will Learn:

✅  How to create top tier websites, landing pages, and sales funnels for your own business OR a client's business

✅  The 8 elements that you NEED to include on any web page that will result in more email subs, product sales, and clients

✅  How to ethically steal your competitor's designs so you spend no longer than 4-5 hours creating a website that is WORTH $2500 to a client

✅  All bundled into a video course that you can follow along step-by-step for each web page you build (I use this to train my VAs in web design)

All-in-all, this is a skill that you will need no matter what online business you pursue.

If you are only interested in the Web Design course, buy it here for $17.

Step 2: Learn How To Sell Your Skill and Expertise For Thousands of Dollars With High Ticket Essentials (Not Limited To Web Design)

What good is a high-demand skill if you have no idea how to get people to pay you big money?

I'll tell you what good it is... it's absolutely worthless.

Remember how I said I started a digital art Instagram page and had no idea how to make money from it?

It's because I didn't understand the concepts that you will learn in High Ticket Essentials.

(Side note: the information in this course can be transferred into any other high ticket business. Web design/landing pages/funnels compliment Facebook Ads, graphic design, copywriting, consulting, anything really.)

What You Will Learn:

How to avoid being an underpaid and unhappy freelancer

✅ The mindset shift that will take you from freelancer to business owner

The main skill I use to charge MORE for my services

✅ The best way to price your services

How to get around the question, "Can I see your previous work?"

✅ How to beat your competition to high paying clients

How to reduce the time you actually spend working

✅ How to get a consistent flow of new clients

Everything you need to say and do once you land a client

✅ Everything there is to know about the "Referral Machine"

How to not do any of the work yourself

✅ 3 ways to create recurring monthly income (stability)

I think it's fair to say that if I can help you land more than one client, I can charge you the price of your first client (but I'm not going to charge you that much, clearly LOL).

Step 3: Get More Eyeballs On Your Products/Services With The Most Underrated Platform, Twitter

You already know how to create a flourishing business due to the other courses.

This is where you grow even more with a platform that almost nobody is using for their business.

Why Twitter? 

Here's a secret... everyone that has grown on Instagram has either PAID FOR IT via shoutouts, or has grown another platform like YouTube. This is truth for the majority (myself included).

Twitter doesn't require you to spend hours making videos and graphics for content. It's just writing.

Not only that, the quality of followers you get on Twitter are 10x the quality of Instagram.

It. Just. Makes. Sense.

What You Will Learn:

✅  Grow and monetize a Twitter account (the MOST underrated platform for quick growth, authority, and more people buying your products/services)

✅  My brain dead simple way of crafting tweets that result in hundreds of likes, retweets, and followers (in very little time)

✅  How to build a network that will send you clients consistently

✅  Unspoken tactics that will explode your follower count

✅  Hours of video content that you can instantly stream

✅  How to create a product or service that SELLS with your current knowledge

✅  How to land high paying clients on Twitter - my exact DM techniques

✅  My email marketing setup that pulls in $100/day on autopilot

Almost anyone can grow an account to 10k followers.

You can grow it even more if you stay consistent.

Let's say you want to give everything up at the end of the day...

At a bare minimum you can sell your Twitter account for a few thousand dollars.

If you are only interested in the Twitter course, buy it here for $17.

Yes... This Get's Results

My average Twitter account impressions (141 views on a $39 product at 5% conversion rate = 6 figures)... Twitter is the most powerful traffic source there is.

My daily follower growth:

My Promise & Guarantee

If you are not happy with the course after you have taken action on whats inside (you must email me proof of lack of results) then I will refund your money.

If my methods don't work, I don't want your money.

So what now?

You've seen the results, you've seen the testimonials, you've seen the proof.

Grab the course (3 courses actually), do exactly as I say, and let me know when you make your first $$$ online.

Here's to your future success.

(Click that button and get started now!)

NOTE: All 3 of these courses are inside Modern Mastery HQ. A community with live trainings, hundreds of online business resources, and personalized help via the Discord channel. Membership costs less than the price of this course. Join here to get them for $9 instead of $35 category on the membership platform.

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