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Dan Koe

Revealed: How a 24-Year-Old Turned a Non-Original Business Idea Into $12,500 in Just 3 Days

If you want to:

  • Start your own Profitable Business on social media as a Content Creator, Coach, or Freelancer
  • Discover the 5-step system on how to create a recession-proof, full-time income online
  • Stop feeling like your business is stuck in the same place it was a year ago
  • Learn how to charge what you are really worth (hint: it's more than you think)
  • Have a crystal clear, step-by-step guide on how to start your business without spending thousands on software and business-related crap

, you will like what I have for you.

From Broke College Student to 6 Figure Online Business Owner With a Little Known Strategy

I had spent YEARS trying to make my freelancing business work. 

I knew that there was something missing... something that was holding me back from what I wanted most (to make 6 figures... )

As you may know, I switched business models 5-6 times.

Tried everything, quit everything.

trying to make these businesses work.

I went through MASSIVE mood swings, had an immense amount of self-doubt, and almost accepted my life as a cog in the corporate machine.

I wouldn't let myself give up on my future that easily.

I decided to commit, I chose freelancing with web design.

I did EVERYTHING in my power to make it work.

I still failed (a lot), but I eventually took the freelancing business to 6 figures.

After that, I started a personal Twitter account and took it to 6 figures selling digital products and consulting.

1.5 years after that, I started a new agency and took it to $13,000/month in the span of a week.

Along the way, I packaged this process up into a step-by-step guide.

I Sent A Few DMs and Made $12,500

In July 2020, I sent a few well-written DMs to people on Twitter, had great conversations, and pitched them on my new offer (marketing consulting).

I ended up closing $12,500 in sales in 3 days ($17,500 in 2 weeks).

So, it's safe to say this strategy works for high ticket offers. Freelance services, coaching, agency work, or consulting.

What about products? Like ebooks, courses, or memberships?

Here are some of my payouts from my digital products:

But before you say: "Hey... of course it works for you. Its your system." Let me tell you about Joey.

Joey (@psypreneur) came to me when he wanted to start up a coaching business. He wanted to turn his passion for psychology and self-improvement into a performance coaching business.

I gave him this system, walked him through it, and within a week he lands his first 2 $1000 client.

Within his first 2 months he closed $13,000 in sales.

Joey is about to launch a digital product with this system, I have no doubt it will blow up.

Just Joey? Nope.

After all of this, I started to think…


So, as you can guess, that is exactly what I am offering you right now.

Introducing: Make It Profitable

The Marketing Framework That Helps You Build A Consistent and Predictable Income Without a Ton Of Followers, Huge Email List, or Expert Level Skills

All you need is an idea, current product, OR service.

If you have none of those, you can sell what I teach you in this course as a consulting service. (You can get clients with this knowledge and help them with their marketing.)

Remember when I said I took my personal Twitter to 6 figures with consulting?

Imagine having access to a seamless, 7-step process to creating a sustainable long-term business even if you are brand new to the online world and have never sold ANYTHING.

Here are the Breakthroughs you will experience:

Module 1: How to find a highly profitable problem and create a solution that they will pay you for.

Module 2: How to nearly read your customers minds and ethically use their emotions to make them buy.

Module 3: How to eliminate saturation and competition in the crowded internet space. Your product/service will be the MOST authoritative in your market.

Module 4: A fill-in-the-blank system to make your products/services irresistible to your customers.

Module 5: How to turn your new success into a sustainable and long term income source (that continues to increase, like you are giving yourself a raise!)

Module 6: How to "stack" your products and services to automate your sales and double your online income.

Module 7: 2 case study interviews that go over exactly how Joey and JK revolutionized their online business with this system. (These interviews alone are worth more than the price of the course.)

Bonus Mini Course

You will receive the Social Selling System for Free with your order

I will be showing you exactly how to start selling your products/services immediately even if you don't have a large social media following.

Side note: If you do not have a product or service yet, I guarantee you will after going through this course!

✅ The Laser Beam Content Guide

Learn how to write content that attracts your ideal customers with ease.

✅ The DM Seduction Script

Proven scripts that will help you land more customers from the DMs on social media without sounding salesy or pushy.

This works for anyone and everyone. Remember the fitness coaches that landed 2 clients from above? They had less than 500 followers when he did this.

✅ Conversational Sales

A sales script/framework that will make it easy for you to close high ticket clients and even sell info products. This works wonders because you don't come off as "pushy" or "salesy."

✅ How To Amplify Your Sales By Sales Coach Andy Strohm

Andy Strohm, a sales expert responsible for over 70 million in sales teaches you how to amplify your success with the Social Selling System.

This mini-course will allow you to start selling immediately after going through Make It Profitable.

I'm just giving you free money at this point.

The Guarantees

Guarantee #1: If you do not create a profitable product/service that you are confident in after 30 days, I will give you your money back.

Guarantee #2: If you are not confident in it, I will personally get on a call with you and help you out.

Guarantee #3: If you do exactly as I tell you to, you will not fail.

I Am Giving You The Path

I called this course Make It Profitable, why?

Because I see online businesses struggling to make it off the ground.

I also see too many people slaving away for a low wage when they could use their current knowledge and skills to make 5-10 times that online.

I am offering to fill that hole and help you break through where you are currently at...

- To grow on social media like crazy

- To raise your prices and stop being a starving freelancer, coach, or creator

- To create digital products that people love instead of laugh at

- To finally enjoy the rewards of all of the effort you have put into your business

- To feel extremely confident in and earning potential in online business

- To be able to drop everything one day, take a flight to a tropical paradise, and work from your laptop drinking mimosas

Another side note: if you went to school for marketing, you may or may not realize that your degree is worthless, how much did that cost? Like $40k?

You will be receiving a relevant, high-performing marketing framework (that is more effective than anything they will teach you in college)... for $75.

You can take my offer and accelerate your earnings.. or settle with how your business (or lack of a business) is currently going.

Now, click "I Want This" below to purchase Make It Profitable and start making progress with your online business.

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Make It Profitable